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Portable Margarators

Published On: Sunday, November 16, 2008

Commercial margarita machines have several perks: They make huge amounts of drinks at once, can make more than one type of drink at the same time, and they produce restaurant-quality frozen drinks. However, they are also huge, bulky, and very difficult to move they usually take professionals to move them around and set them up. Additionally, they cost literally thousands of dollars to buy. To rent one can cost a few hundred dollars a night or weekend.

Portable Margarators

One of the major benefits of instead buying a home margarita machine is that they still produce large amounts of delicious frozen drinks (usually a gallon or more) and are much less expensive. In fact, it can cost as much to buy a home margarita maker as it would to rent a commercial margarita machine for just one night. And best of all, they are small enough to allow easy transport. Some particular machines, such as the portable Margarator, even comes with a sturdy handle that flips up so people can easily take it with them wherever they go. When not being used, the handle rests on the lid, almost unnoticeable.

The perks of having a portable Margarator are endless. You can bring the machine to your kids' sports games and make virgin fruit slushees. You can bring it to the pool for drinks to cool off with. Bring it out to your backyard for a barbecue or to the park for a picnic. If your friend is having a gathering and isn't sure what to do about drinks, relieve their worries by bringing over your portable Margarator. You can bring it with you on your boat, along with you in your camper while road tripping or even in vehicle while tailgating.

What if you're somewhere without an electrical outlet? No problem. The portable Margarator comes with two forms of power: An AC power cord that plugs directly into an outlet, but also a 12-volt DC power cord that can plug into any charger in a car, boat, or camper, just like you would use to charge your phone while in your vehicle. The DC cord rests under the Margarator and can be found by sliding off the plastic door covering it.

If you are going to take the Margarator with you while boating, camping, or driving somewhere, it is very important that you remember to exercise caution and safety at all times. The portability of the margarita machine is fantastic, but does raise some temptations. Drinking while boating or driving can have disastrous results, so be sure that the person driving is not drinking, or has a very minimal amount. Or, only bring it places where nobody has to drive, such as a camping trip where everyone is sleeping where they are drinking.

If you have been thinking about buying a margarita machine and aren't sure what kind to get, you should strongly consider a portable Margarator; the convenience is unbeatable. When empty, the machine is not very heavy, and the carrying handle is very sturdy. With its gallon tank and ability to share the wealth with so many others, why keep the machine in your kitchen?

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