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How to Create The Perfect Margarita

Published On: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If you love to sip a frosty margarita but don’t like spending money frivolously, you should consider investing in a home margarita machine. They are available in a range of prices, starting around $80 and going up to $500 for non-commercial machines. The Margarator is the most affordable of the home margarita machines and is also extremely portable, as it comes with a carrying handle and a DC power cord that can plug into chargers on cars, boats, and campers.

How to Create The Perfect Margarita

Creating the perfect Margarator margarita isn’t hard, but it does require some diligence on the part of the maker. First, it is important that you remember to clean your unit, both when you open it for the very first time and after every time you use it. Regularly cleaning your machine will keep it in top condition, allowing it to last longer. After each use, you need to thoroughly rinse out the unit with soapy water, though do not clean it with an abrasive sponge or rough scouring pad – this can scratch the machine’s surface. Instead, use soft towels or cloths. Be sure to run water through the machine and press down on the spout, so water runs freely through it. This will prevent build-up from accumulating in the machine and make every margarita taste better.

Now that you have a clean unit, it’s time to start creating that margarita! First, be sure the machine is in the off position and gather all your ingredients. For a very basic margarita recipe, you will need around three pounds of ice, between two and two and a half cups of tequila, and 1.75 liters of margarita mix. However, there are many other recipes you can use; the possibilities are endless! Pour the ingredients into the machine, but be sure they do not go above the fill line.

Next, it is time to secure the lid. If you do not do this properly, the machine will not turn on. On the bottom side of the lid, you will see a small white button; align this in the hole in the top of the unit. You will then raise up the handle to lock the top in place. Once it is secure, you can plug the Margarator into the wall and flip on the switch. If it is plugged into a regular outlet, turn the switch to AC. If you are using the DC charger in the bottom to plug it into a car or boat, switch the power on to DC.

All you need to do now is sit back and relax! Let the machine run for eight minutes. Be aware that it can be a bit noisy, so you may want to go do something in another room for a bit. Once the time is up, turn the machine off, open up the top, and use a large spoon to swirl around the ingredients to see if there are still any ice chunks. If there are, let the machine run another five minutes and check again. You can also sip a spoonful of the drink to see if it’s strong enough; if not, add a little more tequila. How long it will take for your drink to be of the right consistency depends on how much ice you used, so keep running the machine if the ice isn’t ground up yet. Once it appears to be done, turn the switch on again and dispense your Margarator margarita by putting a glass under the spout and pulling the spout’s handle forward.

If you do not have the machine on while dispensing, your margarita will have an odd consistency. When the machine is off and the ingredients just sit there, the contents at the top of the unit become icy and the bottom becomes liquid. By keeping the machine on while dispensing, you get an even mixture of textures. Your Margarator margarita will come out like a very cold, frosty liquid. If you want a purely icy “frozen” margarita, turn the machine off and let the ingredients sit for a few moments. Open the top of the Margarator and scoop your cup into the top to gather up all the frozen goodness. Be aware, however, that if you let the machine sit off for too long, the entire drink can freeze up completely.

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