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12 Margarita Mix Recipes You Can Make at Home

Published On: Friday, December 4, 2009

When you are making a margarita, whether it is with a blender, a shaker, or a home margarita maker, most margarita recipes call for margarita mix in addition to tequila and ice. Sure, you can buy a variety of mixes from the grocery or liquor store, but did you know itís also possible to create your own margarita mix? While you should feel free to get creative and mix your own concoctions, here is a list of sets of ingredients you can use to create margarita mixes from home. It not only costs less to create your own margarita but it also allows you to enjoy more unique flavors and fresher ingredients.

12 Margarita Mix Recipes You Can Make at Home

The amount of ingredients you will use depend on how much margarita mix the margarita recipe calls for. For example, if the recipe calls for one liter of margarita mix, the amount of ingredients you mix together should equal that amount. How much of each ingredient you use depends on how strong you want the various flavors to me. Some of these mixes are very simple and contain just two ingredients. Others are more complex and have many more.

In general, the ingredient you will use the most of is the juice Ė you will generally use as much total juice as you would tequila. If youíre using liqueur or flavored syrup, you should use half the amount. For example, you would use one cup of tequila, one cup of lime juice, and a half cup of Cointreau. The remaining ingredients are to be used at your discretion. If you are using salt or lemon or lime zest, you should just use a sprinkle or a teaspoon.

Also, remember that it is better to start weaker and then get stronger. If youíre not sure how much lemon zest is enough, start small and make the drink. Give it a taste. If it could use more, then add some and blend again. Itís very easy to add additional ingredients, but itís impossible to remove ingredients if you put too many.

Mix 1:
Combine frozen limeade with a shot of orange flavor, such as Cointreau.

Mix 2:
Combine orange juice, lime juice, and a small amount of salt

Mix 3:
Combine fresh lime juice and Grand Marnier liqueur

Mix 4:
Combine sweet & sour and fresh lemon juice

Mix 5:
Combine can of fruit concentrate, triple sec, and sugar

Mix 6:
Combine frozen limeade, triple sec, and Sprite or 7up

Mix 7:
Combine fresh lime juice (same amount as tequila), a small amount of Patron Extra Fine Orange Liqueur, a splash of Grand Marnier, a splash of orange juice, and a spoonful of sugar

Mix 8:
Combine Grand Marnier liqueur, lime juice, a few tablespoons of sugar, and a small amount of finely grated lime zest.

Mix 9:
Combine pineapple juice, lime juice, and lemon juice. Add sugar, water, and a small amount of both lemon and lime juice. Simmer in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Let the mix cool and strain it. Then add triple sec or Cointreau.

Mix 10:
Combine triple sec, sweet & sour, orange juice, lime juice, and Sprite.

Mix 11:
Combine lime juice, frozen strawberries, and strawberry schnapps.

Mix 12:
Combine lemon juice, sugar, Cointreau, fresh peaches, and peach nectar.

For additional information on margarators or margarita topics please visit our margarator article center.

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