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Frozen Margarita Maker Parts Overview

Published On: Thursday, May 27, 2010

A frozen margarita machine may look simple from the outside, but it has a large combination of parts on the inside that allow it to make smooth, frosty drinks. It helps to understand what these components are and how they contribute to making delicious homemade margaritas and daiquiris. The parts will vary slightly depending on which machine you buy, so let’s go over the parts of a Margarator brand.

Frozen Margarita Maker Parts Overview

When you open up a Margarator machine, you will see a stainless steel grinding cage. This locks into a round plastic collar. You have to place the smooth side of the stainless steel grinding cage into the plastic collar. You will twist this unless the steel grinding cage’s notch locks into the plastic collar’s protrusion.

When you look into the Margarator, look for the two stainless steel screws. The clips attached to the plastic collar will lock into these. Some Margarators come with these parts already assembled, but if yours don’t, you will need to do this step.  It’s important that you make sure the grinding cage’s tabs are aligned into the grooves. Together, this is the grinding mechanism, which grounds your ice to the smooth consistency you will want for your frozen margarita.

Once you have this all in place, you need to be sure that the clips are pushed in toward the screws, and locked into position.  If this is done improperly, the unit will grind, but will not dispense your drink.

Other important margarita maker parts include main unit and the lid. The lid contains a safety button, which keeps the machine from operating if the lid is not on top of the main unit. The main unit is where you place all the ingredients, and where the drink is mixed. It has a fill line that shows you how many ingredients it can take. The main unit also comes with a plastic handle. It is hardly noticeable when it’s not being used, but when you need it, simply pop it up and carry it anywhere you need to go.

Another important margarita maker part is the spout. This is where you dispense the frozen margarita, though it is important that you clean the spout after each use. If you do not wash it thoroughly, build-up can occur and make dispensing difficult and make the drink less tasty.  To dispense the frozen margarita, turn the machine on and pull the spout forward. Once you are done filling your glass, let go of the spout and turn off the machine.

Additionally, the Margarator comes with two forms of power; AC and DC. The AC cord comes with the machine and must be plugged directly into the unit on one end and into the electrical outlet on the other. The Margarator’s DC power cord hides within the bottom of the unit. A plastic door must be slid back, and you can then pull out the cord and plug it into a 12-volt charger in a boat, car, or camper when traveling with the Margarator. When you are making the frozen margaritas, remember to flip the switch to AC or DC depending on which form of power you are using.

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