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Margarator Instructions: How to Operate a Margarator

Published On: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

While operating a Margarator is quite simple, in order to make the most perfect margarita or other frozen drink, there are certain techniques that should be utilized.

First, you will probably want to clean the Margarator before you make your frozen drinks. Unplug the unit and unlock the machine so you can lift the upper portion off from the base. Run water through the spout to make sure there are no blockages. Rinse the inside of the machine thoroughly with soapy water, though be sure not to use abrasive sponges or scouring pads.

Margarator Instructions: How to Operate a Margarator

Once the machine is clean, replace the upper part of the machine back onto the base. Be sure that the spout goes back into the right place. Slide the machine into the locked position.

Now itís time to gather your ingredients. Be sure you have enough ice (you will need just over three pounds of it), margarita mix (you will need a 1.75-liter bottle), and tequila (you will need 2 Ė 2.5 cups). Next, find a flat and stable surface near an electrical outlet. Be sure that you do not set the machine in a place where people may accidentally trip over the cord. Keep the power switch off at this time.

Itís time to remove the lid of the Margarator and add in your ingredients. Pour in your ice, margarita mix, and tequila. When all of these ingredients are combined in the machine, they should not go over the max fill line. If they do, scoop out some of the ice. Replace the lid of the machine and be sure it is properly fitted; if it is not, the safety button in the lid will not allow the machine to operate.

Next, be sure that the AC plug is plugged into the electrical outlet on one end and firmly plugged into the Margarator machine on the other end. Be sure the machineís lid is secured and locked in place.

Itís time to flip the switch onto AC power. Youíll hear the machine begin to grind the ice and create your frozen drink. After six to eight minutes, turn the power switch to off. Remove the lid (if you remove the lid while the machine is still running, the motor will stop until you properly replace the lid) and check to see how the consistency of your drink is. If it is not smooth enough, close the lid again and be sure it is locked in place, then turn the switch to on again. After a few more minutes, turn the machine off and check the consistency again. If the consistency is to your liking, turn the machine off.

To dispense the frozen drinks in the Margarator, turn the unit back on. Put your margarita glass under the spout and pull the spoutís handle forward. To stop dispensing, let go of the spout handle. When you are done serving the drinks, turn the unit off. When you are ready to dispense more drinks, turn it on again so the drinks are freshly mixed.

If you decide to take your Margarator with you while you go tailgating, boating or camping and do not have access to an electric outlet, you can use the DC cord that is stored in the bottom of the unit. To use this form of power, slide open the storage door at the bottom of the Margarator. Pull out the plug, which will connect to any 12-volt power cigarette lighter. This is found in most cars, campers, and boats. Then, when you are ready to make your drinks, switch the power on to DC instead of AC.

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