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Margarita Machine Rental vs Buying

Published On: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So you love margaritas, but you aren’t sure if the best decision is to rent a machine for the occasional night or buying your very own margarita machine. If you would like to entertain with margaritas more than once, it makes much more economic sense for you to buy a home margarita machine.

Margarita Machine Rental vs Buying

First, it’s important to note that there are two distinctly different types of margarita machines. There are commercial machines, which are high capacity and typically used at restaurants and bars. Some commercial margarita makers can serve two flavors at the same time, and all can make frozen margaritas, daiquiris, fruit slushees, and more. These machines generally can make up to three gallons at a time.

Commercial margarita machines make gallons of drink at a time and can sometimes conveniently make two flavors at once (some really high-end machines can even make three at a time), but they are also extremely expensive. If you want to be able to make large amounts of multiple drinks at a time, you may be interested in a margarita machine rental such as the Grindmaster Crathco 3312, which retails for around $5,300. Smaller commercial machines that make just one flavor at a time, such as the Bunn Ultra I, sell for around $1,500.

More in-between is the Dura Freeze 100, which runs just over $2,300. It only dispenses one flavor but has a higher capacity than some other one-drink margarita machines.

As these machines are very costly, they are generally only used at businesses such as restaurants that serve large amounts of drinks all day, every day. They do not make sense for most individuals unless you entertain constantly and have a fat wallet. Because of this, there is a large margarita machine rental industry. Companies buy many professional, commercial margarita machines and then rent them to individuals for a party or gathering. This way you can enjoy entertaining with a large-capacity frozen margarita machine without the commitment of a hugely expensive machine you may not otherwise use often. Most rental companies will deliver the machine for free, and some provide packages that include the mix, cups, tequila, margarita salt, and mixing buckets.

In general, you will pay at least $100 to rent a margarita machine for one night. If you want a fancier machine, such as one that can make two or three different drinks at the same time, you will need to pay a little more. Some companies charge $300 a night for a margarita machine rental. You will also pay more depending on which night you want the machine. A margarita machine rental is generally cheapest on weekdays, pricier on Fridays, and priciest on Saturdays. However, some companies have deals where you can rent the machine for one flat price for a full weekend. 

If you decide you don’t need to buy a commercial margarita machine but hate to spend more than $100 to rent a machine for just one night of fun, a home margarita machine is ideal for you. While there are certainly some high-end models that can cost in excess of $400, many, such as the Margarator, only cost around $100. Almost every home margarita machine can make at least one gallon of drinks.

If you entertain at least a few times a year, why not spend that $100 just once and buy yourself a home margarita machine? You can use it any time you like; swimming parties, barbeques, birthdays, New Years, camping trips, and more. It’s a machine that keeps on giving; the only recurring costs are tequila and margarita mix. If you choose to rent instead, you continue paying that $100 every time you need a margarita machine. Buying a home margarita machine pas for itself in just one use! Plus, it is likely to make your home the new go-to spot for social activities.

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