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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Margarator

Published On: Sunday, June 28, 2009

1. You don't have to spend as much on going out.
While it's great fun to go out to bars with friends and co-workers, the expense of that fun can really add up. Bars and restaurants heavily mark up drinks, and many places charge anywhere from $5 to $10 for a frozen alcoholic drink. Just a few glasses can easily result in a $20 tab. Why spend so much when you can make the same drinks at home for so much less money? When you buy a Margarator, that one-time expense will go a long way. Add some tequila, ice, and drink mix, and you will have at least one gallon of drinks to go around. How about having a few margaritas from your Margarator, and then taking a cab out to a club to have fun? Nobody says you have to buy a drink at the bar or club!

2. You can save money when throwing parties.
Anyone who has hosted a party before knows how expensive it can be, especially if you cater or pick up food from a restaurant. Stocking the fridge with beer and wine can add up, and renting a professional margarita machine or paying for bartenders will really break the bank. When you buy a Margarator, that one, short-term investment will make your house a party hotspot without you having to do anything except buy some tequila and ice. It costs more than $100 to rent a commercial margarita maker for one night. You can buy a Margarator for less than $100 and you don't have to return it at the end of the night! It's a great return on the investment because you can use it again and again. If you love to entertain, this is the perfect product for you.

3. It makes more than just margaritas.
You love frozen drinks, but you're not always in the mood for a margarita. No problem! You can also use the machine to make daiquiris or fruit slushees. You can even make a mai tai or frozen bellini. Some people who buy a Margarator also buy a variety of flavored syrups and alcohols and experiment with creating different drinks. Why not give it a try? The possibilities are endless.

4. You can use it to make drinks for your kids.
When you buy a Margarator, you don't have to just use it to make margaritas and other alcoholic drinks. You can make a variety of virgin fruit drinks for your kids. Why not whip up a cherry fruit slushee on a hot summer day? What about a strawberry smoothie after a soccer game? Your kids can get as much use out of the machine as you can.

5. You can take it with you practically anywhere.
Margarators are extremely portable and even have a handle for easy carrying. The thick, insulated walls keep the drink inside cool for up to four hours, and the plug allows the machine to be plugged in anywhere that has an outlet. Some Margarators even come with a car plug. Why not buy one and take it with you camping or to a tailgate party? Why not bring it outside for a pool party, barbecue, or sporting event? You can even bring it on your boat or RV. These small drink machines can be used just about anywhere, unlike heavy, commercial margarita machines.

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